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By InCreads
Get hooked to a new, beat-based arcade with Gyro Beat. Pick a song and difficulty, then get ready to catch as many beats as you can. You can either play by using your device’s gyroscope and tilting it to sides, or just simply tap on the screen to rotate the arrow. Play one song until you get it to maximum points or play every single one of them and compare your score. There are already 10 royalty-free songs from Argofox Releases in the game to choose from, but you can also pick a local song from your device. Game features - Beat-based game - Pick your own song to play - Royalty-free music in the game - 2 control modes to choose from - Challenging difficulty levels - FREE DOWNLOAD LEGAL NOTICE: „The game may use files on your device. We do not take responsibility for any copyright issues. “ Need help with the game? Contact us at
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