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    Last Line Of Retreat
    By Jumpbutton Studio
    Can you outrun an explosion?
    Last Line of Retreat is an action retro pixel-arcade endless runner that is barrels of fun that made it to google plays early access! The Dude is a foot-soldier on the scorched battlefield from hell, he watches as the enemy bombers fly overhead, and let their cargo loose onto the ground below. He thinks quickly and goes to the only direction he can. Down. Desperate times call for desperate measures.. Journey down as fast and as far as you can to avoid the fire’s wrath. As you descend down a floor you gain a point.Collect dog tags to unleash special abilities to help you descend further and faster. The game features plenty of bad guys and obstacles to get past with real knuckle breaking sound effects. Compete against your friends and family to determine who has the best score. Earn rewards, medals, and special buddies to help you along the way. Can you help reunite “The Dude” with his teammates and become the hero?
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