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    By lhu0104
    Fillette is Color Puzzle Game. Find your color by trip with a little girl. It will awake your senses of color. Heal and feel your day with fillette.
    Color Game that fills you, Fillette #1. Guide will help you. Remove all colorful tiles with hints given from the guide! As the stage goes up, the difficulty of color adventure goes up as well. The golden key is prepared for you who overcome all difficulties. #2. Light up your path with your items when you are troubled. ‘Heart’ will increase your health ‘Light bulb’ will light up your path. ‘Booster’ will increase your energy. With all these three items, you can overcome any troubles. #3. Fill your palette by your own adventures Open up the treasure box with your ‘Golden Key’ from your adventure. You can achieve special color by gathering all the mystic colors. The palette will be filled up with you. We are always behind you. #4. What if you are the master who conquers all the color games? Show your infinite possibilities with challenge mode. You are an experienced adventurer. This journey is all yours Are you still hesitating? Just start your adventure with the guide! Color Game that fills you, Fillette.
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