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    Color Cannon
    By NickB
    Color Cannon is a game where the goal is to kill as many enemies as possible before you get overrun. You do this by shooting the enemies with their corresponding color. Train your brain to efficiently control the two parts of the cannon to reach the top of the leaderboard.
    Colour Cannon is a unique type of shoot-em-up game based around colours. Defend yourself against oncoming waves of enemies. Control the cannon and the underlying colour palette separately to kill the enemies before they reach you by shooting them with their corresponding colour. * Unlock all 3 difficulty settings and try to get on the online leaderboard! * With 1 revive and 3 different power-ups to help you everyone has got a chance. Get started now and see what score you can get! HOW TO PLAY: Drag up and down on the LEFT side of the screen to rotate the colour PALETTE. Drag up and down on the RIGHT side of the screen to rotate the CANNON. The cannon fires automatically. FEATURES: Online Leaderboard and Local Highscores 3 different power-ups: * Homing bullets - bullets that find the nearest enemy of their colour * Time warp - Slows down the enemies * Knockback bullets - Bigger bullets that knock back enemies that are not their colour 3 difficulty settings * 2 colours * 3 colours * 6 colours
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