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By sconuk
For the fans of classic MUD's and early MMORPG's - A game developed entirely by players wanting to recreate the classics.
Daimonin is a fantasy MORPG featuring a vast world to explore, a friendly community to interact with, and the satisfying combat pace of old-school hack'n'slash games. You can choose to specialize in a class or create your own playstyle exactly as you want to play! Daimonin has always taken pride in our tight-knit community. Since 2001 we've had players from all over the world join together to take on the toughest monsters, most treacherous dungeons, and even "town raids" - events where moderators enlist the forces of evil in an effort to defeat players and crush all hope of resistance. The game is open-source, meaning you can contribute maps, art, music, or code to help shape the game to be how you like it!
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