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    Cute Boxes
    By Ethereal Psyche Games
    A simple logic brain puzzle with the best of classic games and kawaii characters
    "Color puzzle games found a new super hit with Cute Boxes. This free game is the state-of-the-art ultimate in kawaii games and color match entertaining. During your first day at Color Brain Depot, your mentor will guide you through your first color training session. You will learn to dispatch boxes on time, complete powerful combos and use logic to deal with special boxes and get the job done. If you like kawaii and logical games, you will love Cute Boxes. It brings together the best of classic logical games with kawaii characters. FEATURES OF CUTE BOXES * Fast paced and simple color match game * Color puzzle: plan your strategy to achieve the highest combos * Introductory color training to learn the Color Brain depot mechanics * Beautifully themed kawaii games: you will love Cute Boxes * Many kawaii game characters * Wheel of fortune: obtain new skins for your boxes * Online rankings: compete with your friends to be the fastest operator * With all the taste of the best classic games * Completely free and amazing CHARACTERS OF CUTE BOXES * Color match boxes: the main characters of Cute Boxes that you have to arrange and deliver * Stony and Steely: two stubborn boxes that will difficult your work at Color Brain depot * Rainbow: a spray paint box, tap on it to turn other color match boxes into a different type, use it to your best convenience HOW TO PLAY CUTE BOXES * Complete your first color training session at Color Brain depot * Drag to deliver cute boxes to their correct belt, simple as that * Chain deliveries to the same belt in a row to complete combos * Get rid of stubborn boxes by repeatedly tapping on them * Use logic to take advantage of spray paint boxes in the right moments * Every color puzzle will require you to reach a certain target * Play the wheel of fortune to obtain new skins Logic brain games will help you with color training and to test your speed and skills. Compete with your friends to be the best puzzle solver.
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