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    Pixel Santa
    By kesada7
    Play this Christmas game and collect presents while you slide down the mountain. And look out don't smash yourself with a tree! Control Santa and use present to unlock more Christmas characters!
    In Pixel Santa you’ll have to tap your screen to get to slide down the mountain, avoiding the different pines trees as obstacles! The farther you go, the higher your score will be! On the way you’ll find Christmas presents! Help Santa Claus to take as many presents you can, to get extra score points and use them to unlock more playable Christmas characters. Looks easy, right? Well, careful! Because this little game can be highly addictive :3 Give it a try and beat your friends' high scores! -------- FEATURES -------- ⭐ Super fun, quick and addictive casual arcade game ⭐ Simple and intuitive one tap game ⭐ Christmas characters to collect: Santa, Elf, Snowman, ginger cookie, and so on! Gotta catch them all! ⭐ Leave your trail way down the mountain while collecting presents! ⭐ Christmas songs in 8 bits. ⭐ Achievements and leaderboards are integrated with Google Play. ⭐ Arcade pixel art graphic style <3 -------- This game is made just by 1 person so I really appreciate your feedback ^-^ I really hope you enjoy the game! I really enjoyed making it. Any query you can Email me at castlegamesstudio@gmail.com Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2019!
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