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    Heroes Ravage
    By PixelDinos
    Heroes Ravage is a fun new 4v4 multiplayer game that plays like a blend of The Legend of Zelda and Rainbow Six Siege as four heroes attempt to ransack households while four villagers attempt to stop them.
    Heroes Ravage takes the old school RPG genre in another direction as we bring it to the multiplayer age but with a big twist. Have you ever played an RPG as a Hero where you barge into private houses uninvited in search of loot, and smash all the breakable objects right in front of the house inhabitants while they are eating their dinner? If you have, you know the next step is to demand answers, if they have seen someone suspicious walking around town, as you quickly skip through the dialogue and proceed to steal everything that is not glued to the floor. The NPC villagers often feel their spirits boosted as the chosen one is passing through town, that is, until the hero smashes everything, and steals all the money that is keeping the NPCs from starving. He may be powerful, full of spells and magical items that could buy a castle, but that worn out piece of underwear in the closet sure may come in handy when fighting the demon lord. Often these actions are enabled by the freedom that the players have in the game, so Heroes Ravage flips the script and breathes life into the NPC villagers, giving control to the players, so that they can fight back to prevent being robbed of their life savings while looking blankly at the heroes.
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