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SuperHero in Training
Ever wanted to be a Superhero? Join the Intergalactic League of Superheroes and start your training today. Master your powers and train to become the first ever human superhero!
In SuperHero in Training you will play as a young hero trainee within the Intergalactic League of Superheroes (ILS). The ILS has never before seen humans as potential candidates to become heroes, however, with recent advancements in hero gear technology humans for the first time have the opportunity to train with and join the ILS. As a trainee it is your mission to complete all of your assigned training courses in order to master your hero gear, the EQ Gauntlets. These Hero gauntlets are equipped with power swinging and hand thrusters. The first human to master the EQ Gauntlets will become the first human superhero within the ILS.
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