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    Magical Defence
    By Retz Gaming Days Ltd
    Its you versus the undead! Control 3 powerful mages in a never-ending fight against the Zombie hoard. Tap on the mages to unleash powerful magic to defeat your enemies. With each enemy you defeat you gain gold that can be used to earn exciting new spells to help you in your conquest to defeat evil! Freeze, block, burn the undead and more as they shuffle towards you. How many waves can you defeat?
    Zombies? Shaman? Wizards? Together? Rubbish! Well, now that I have caught your attention let me tell you such a thing exists. Zombies and shaman have come to invade our lands! We need your help to stop them! Using various spells and your knowledge, unlock your way to defeating the evil Zombies that threaten to take over our realm. Come into a world of finger tapping, zombie smacking, wizard zapping fun! Defend your wizards, destroy the zombies, slay the shaman, defeat the hordes! The zombies and shaman are relentless, they will stop at nothing to devour your wizards. The zombies will shuffle close to attack your wizards head on. The shaman however, like to stand back, launching their own magic spells at you from a distance! Within this barrage of zombies and shaman, to particularly powerful zombies can appear. Watch out for Anthony and George, the two head zombies from Freedom. They cannot be frozen, deal lots of damage and can withstand a lot of damage too. How will you take them down? In the world of magical defence, Zombies are the enemy, as are shaman. You however are the wizards in control. With your power over earth, fire, water and more slay the undead zombies. Destroy the evil shaman. Defend yourself with magic!
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