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    DeadZone Run
    By above500games
    Caution: Downloading this App increases your Risk of Zombie Infection, it is imperative that if you dare to download this App you vaccinate yourself by sharing this online on your nearest Social Network!*
    Dead Zone: TWD The World's First - ENDLESS, MULTIPLATFORM, RUNNER! - Three Lanes! - Run 2 the Side walk or Street! - Run, Jump, & Slide past obstacles for as long as you can in this zombie deathmatch. Wave after Wave! Left for dead you must Arm yourself, only time and space separate you from the Zombie Frontier. Watch out for The Boss! And collect yourself some coins along the way you don't have to look like the world is ending! How long can you protect the people of the DeadZone. Better yet do you even have the Heart to protect them? From the artist that brought you the hidden gem of App Store's across the mobile web, "A Birds Life"! This is the World's First, Three-Lane, Endless, MultiPlatform, Runner! Plant your seed in the heroic saga of the Dead Zone your story has only begun...
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