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    Meme Exchange - Meme Stock Market
    By Appstronaut Studios
    Buy, sell and share memes from Reddit with this dank meme stock market simulator
    Like dank memes? Want to learn how the stockmarket works? Meme Exchange is the #1 meme stock market app on the Play Store. Browse all the best dank memes and funny pics on Reddit while you learn to invest. Features include: - Browse the funniest memes from the most lit subreddits available. - Share the best funny pics and meme templates with your friends. - Buy and sell shares in a meme for profit. - Fund startups for a high risk investing experience - Compete on the leaderboard to earn free rewards and badges - Earn and buy crypto kek and use it to spice up your profile page and flex on your friends with dank profile icons, borders, customizable text colors and more! - Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Swedish, Malaysian. This stock market simulator will keep you and your friends entertained for hours, and have you laughing and sharing, all while improving your portfolio and knowledge of markets. Start trading today!
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