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    By Taibe
    Help BBChulk to escape from the board he is trapped in by drawing the route to his freedom or leading him through articulate tricks. An addictive puzzle game with arcade, platform and action elements that guarantee hours of fun. Easy controls but challenging levels will keep you glued to the screen. FEATURES - NO In App Purchased - pay once, enjoy the whole game - NO annoying Ads - Dynamic mechanism and controls - Variety of addictive levels with an increasing difficulty - Engaging soundtrack HOW TO PLAY: Draw the lines that BBChulk will use to reach the exit, but there are few, specific rules you have to follow: - You have 10 seconds to draw the path, after that the cage where BBChulk is trapped will open - The number of lines you can draw is limited and changes each level, use them carefully and thoughtfully - Collect 3 stars to unlock the next level - Some levels hide additional levels with different controls.
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