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SCP Arcade
By noahbwilson
15 games in 1 that you can play against your friends! Challenge anyone to beat your high score as you earn Coins to be used in any of SCP Games' games. Erase Invaders, Jobin On Ice, Brick Doubt, Hambert's Dumb Adventure, Six Pack Man, Road Killer, Bunny Balloons, Gorpee Smash, and more!
Many of SCP Games' Apps are now in one App: this one! Play 15 (15!!!) different games like Erase Invaders, Jobin On Ice, Six Pack Man, Brick Doubt, Hambert's Dumb Adventure, the critically acclaimed Retro Knight, and many more that I will add until the end of time! Collect SCP Coins for all the games you play and all the scores you get so you can ... ... Challenge your friends! You can challenge friends (or foes) to games and bet SCP Coins on who will get a better score. Are you the best at Erase Invaders? Prove it to everyone you know. Your mom will be proud. Save up to 10 friends, or challenge a random person to play a game. Use your SCP Coins to buy more games. (You cannot use real money. I don't want your money.) Games: - Erase Invaders - Jobin On Ice - Hambert's Dumb Adventure - Thora's Bug Catcher - Brick Doubt (*NEW: Two Modes) - Bunny Balloons (*NEW: Two Modes) - Nibbles' Ninja Stars - Waffle Time - Beer Juggling - Road Killer (*NEW: Added Levels) - Gorpee Smash - Six Pack Man - Vacuum Cleaner (*NEW) - Pizza Nightmare (*NEW) - Retro Knight (*NEW) Features: - Free Registration - Add 10 Friends - Save 30 Challenges - Multiple Challenge Modes (*NEW) - Daily Spinner - Prize Box - Challenge Friends or Random Players - Record Top Scores - Music Jukebox - Syncs with all other SCP Games
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