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Shoot The Dragons
Shoot the Dragons is a challenging shump game with classic gameplay. Packed with humour and modern design, Shoot the Dragons is endlessly replayable and features deep storytelling. It's more than just a game, it's an experience!
Our goal has always been to create a title worthy of being the top sideways scrolling shooter out there. We wouldn't dream of thinking we are there yet, but with every round of updates, we get one step closer that a rather lofty goal and hopefully provide our players with a more enjoyable and varied experience along with many laughs, some giggles and maybe the occasional groan. Our Game Mechanics... * Heroes - Start your adventure with one of four adventures, each with their own style and special abilities. * 20 Buddies - Take your pick of 20 varied and unique buddies (you can choose up to 4) to take on your journey with you. Choose based on your style of play or merely who looks the coolest. * Upgrades - Harder, Faster, Stronger! Upgrade your characters and buddies to unlock better specials, addiitional lives and other abilites that will let you survive longer out in Pandora. * Leagues - We have created 7 different Leagues for our players to rise through. The higher the league the greater your rewards you receive, such as extra coins in the free chests and the ability to permanently unlock new buddies when you reach the League they reside in. * End of Level Bosses - Fight bosses with varying attack patterns and styles that change over time, what worked last time to beat them wont work next time. * Lucky Palace - Feeling lucky, have tokens? Why dont you take a gamble at the lucky palace. Win and receive gems, coins or collection items, chance your luck again and have the chance to walk way with the jackpot! * Events - Watch the Buddies take over the action, try and beat the Pig King and steal his horde or one of many other Events can be unlocked and played through all offering rewards if completed! * Achievements - How good an adventurer are you really? Prove it by earning some or all of the 21 different acheivements in-game. * Missions - Complete various multipart missions to earn extra collectible items or coins.

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