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    My Personal Website
    Ben Simms | Kent, UK
    Building my latest mobile / desktop game, Hand of God
    I've made all the games you haven't heard off!
    Sub Attack
    Features: *Retro inspired game play, sound FX's, music and graphics! *Pick up and play gameplay (Perfect for commutes, sitting on the bog or just killing time) *Build and collect insane power ups, including Space Invaders, big lasers and metal fences to name a few! *Intuitive controls that work perfectly *Simple gameplay with a growing challenge More Information
    Jungle Gems
    Use your skill, wit and patience and take top place! * Match Gems to score high points * Score extra points by matching three or more items * Clear an entire column for a 'tech bonus' and achieve even higher points Be quick and stay calm as the pressure builds to keep the items from entering the overfill area More Information
    Coin Push
    More Information
    Super Punch Bag
    Damn, that's a pretty face! This one of a kind game will get you so raged with anger, so you better learn to control your temper as you take to the gym and become a Super Punch Bag master. It's simple, keep hitting the bag away from your face... How hard can it be right? More Information
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