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    An indie mobile game designer finding beauty and happiness in the mundane. My goal is to focus on the basics of gameplay and trying to come up with interesting addictive amp fun mix of gameplay mechanics amp experience.The games produced will be kept simple and small so as to allow me to explore more gameplay amp some art!.You won039t find any complicated high budget gacha nor time sink games here!Do follow me if you are interested in what I039m pursuing and do share if you like what you see!
    Fat Bird - Tap to fly and feed Fat Bird!
    Can a Fat Bird fly? A heavy, fat bird flapping wings with maximum effort to fly, but be careful not to over flap, or the fat bird will crash through the forest! Get a great finger workout while staying at home! More Information
    Memory Blast!
    The classic game of memory concentration with a new twist! Train your memory, concentration & reflexes wherever you go! Designed to be more fun, more exciting & even more addictive! Fast game for fast memory recall, train & improve your short term memory! More Information
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