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Shaun | Bunbury, Western Australia
No regrets
About to release my first game, initially for iOS - https://asteroids3d.com
Grew up in the 70's and 80's playing games in the arcade and on Atari 2600. For better or worse got heavily addicted to video games in the late 80's. Got into computers in my early 20's with the goal to make computer games. That goal got side tracked by work with digital video and automation. In my day job I invented large scale lecture capture in 1998, which these days is used by universities and colleges around the world. So for those millions of students that made it through school with that extra bit of help, you're welcome. Also came up with content based video encoding a couple of years before the team at Netflix came to the party. Over 20 years later am finally about to release my first game.
An intense, bullet hell, endless arcade style mobile 3D shooter inspired by the original Asteroids game and the asteroid scene in The Empire Strikes Back. First game from a solo indie. More Information
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