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Halloween Challenge
Can you solve a challenge and save Halloween? More Information
Dolphin Circle
Jealous dolphin has enough of slaps from Vegetables Sharks. He decided, that he will become the richest dolphin in the ocean. In order to fulfill his desire, he needs to collect pearls. Puffer fish do not like the idea of dolphin and want to make his plan fail. To outsmart the puffer fish, dolphin must swim in circles. Can you help dolphin swim in circle and collect pearls? More Information
Find the right color of being and help him to find his purpose in life. More Information
Rainbow Animals
Find the right colors of your rainbow animals! More Information
King Arthur: Magic Sword
Are you the true King? More Information
Santa on Fire
DonĀ“t play with fire on Christmas, you can hurt Santa! More Information
Trump Space Invaders
Trump Space Invaders attack to White House! More Information
Slovakia Up
Build the highest historical building from Slovakia More Information
Ole Bunny
Will be your bunny the best matador of all time? More Information
Dino TRex 3D Run
Just enjoy the remake of the popular offline and endless game, that you know from the Google Chrome browser in new 3D dimension! More Information
Vegetables Sharks AR
Help the sharks eat all the vegetables in augmented reality! More Information
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