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Making games while traveling the world
Community Garden VR
An indie game developer making games while traveling the world.
Wordsum Blitz
Wordsum Blitz is like Tetris but with words. You play for high scores by spelling words and clearing the game board. As your score gets higher, the game gets faster. Play against the clock for the top score. Compete against your friends or other people on leaderboards for the right to be the Wordsum Blitz master. More Information
Project Defender
Your company landed a lucrative contract with the government. Everyone on your team is happy because lucrative contracts mean years of job security . All seems well but then the dreaded Project Manager, Bad Programmers and the Government appears to threaten your job security. Defend your project's funding! More Information
Wordsum takes the idea of Blocksum and asks the question "What if it used words and not numbers?" The result is something like Tetris and something like Scrabble. More Information
Community Garden
It's more than just a game, it's a massive VR simulation powered Improbable's SpatialOS. Set out and explore an open world filled with things to do and places to see. Be a part of a virtual reality community that lives while your away and grows through player action. More Information
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