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    James | Hampshire
    Retro with a twist
    Dash Tank Fever
    We started out as Ouya developers and since it's demise moved over onto Android. We are a 3 person team and love retro games so the majority of our titles reflect this. Still bashing the door to being seen and hopefully at some point we will be.
    Dash Tank Fever
    Welcome to the world of Dash Tank Fever a retro-infused arcade action game inspired by the likes of that famous tank game on the Atari 2600 and the famous game where you use bombs on a grid based level. Face off against the enemy or you’re soon to be ex-friend on randomly generated maps in a 1 on 1 battle of supremacy, upgrade your tank between each level to boost your tanks stats and pay for special abilities. More Information
    Alien Scumbags
    Roam the dark corridor's of the Nostrema shuttle, You are a member of the clean up crew after a catasphrophic accident on board. Take out the scumbags as Master Chef the Generic Space Marine! Doom, Aliens and Duke Nukem all mashed together with some retro pixel art. More Information
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