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    Pato | Geneve
    Because nostalgia ain't what it used to be
    he Ed Wood of the graphic adventures, he's an Indie game developer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, long, long time ago. Devoted to promote the pop, manga, anime and gaming culture during the early '90s I moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 2002 where he lives with my family and dozens of model kits from my beloved anime and science fiction movies. Sol 705 is my first point & click adventure to date.
    What do you get when you combine a point-and-click featuring retro graphics with UFO sightings and a club devoted to observing extraterrestrial phenomena? Well for lack of a better word, you get Sol705, the club's namesake, trying to entertain themselves during a (whole) week of vacation. Of course, part of the greatest mystery for this group of boys comes in the form of interaction with what might feel to some of them like an extraterrestrial race: the opposite sex! More Information
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