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we are working on game "Sumeru"
BigCheeseGames Studio. We Bake Delicious Games! We 2 guys spend 2 years to finished a 2D physics puzzle game "Sumeru". It's fun and a little difficult. Try not to see the game answer, you will get a better sense of accomplishement. Hope you like our game! Thank you ^_^.
—This is a 2D physics puzzle game. —Game player can draw bridges, slopes, rams and even the boat to help the protagonist through the puzzle. —There is more than one method to solve the puzzle; you can share your unique method of puzzle in the forum. —You can enjoy the process of thinking quietly or discuss how to solve the puzzle together with friends. —This game is very suitable for parent-child interaction, parents and children can work together to think and overcome difficulties to increase family communication. More Information
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