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yobuddy@oolblue.com | South Korea
Only One.
A game dev running an indie game start-up
Been 15yrs in the gaming industry as a game dev and indie game start-up founder. It has been quite a journey of hard-work and fun. My team left a big Korean gaming company since we couldn't agree with what games to value and create of the company. And we still think it was the damn right decision because we've learnd so much things about games, people, players, ourselves that otherwise we coundn't have. Now we are creating a watch&assist style RvR RTS MOBA game set in a tinyverse where everything is tiny. Hope you like to play it.
MINImax Tinyverse
Real-time, tower-rush brawler! Watch and assist your favorite champions as they battle for the realms of tinyverse. ​Outwit opponents by using your miracles with tiny mighty champs and minion troopers! The Realms of Tinyverse await you. More Information
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