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What Are You Stupid
Team History Our studio consists of 3 people and, although we’re a small team, our passion for creating excellent games is sky high. We love picking an ‘uninteresting’ genre, playing around with different idea’s until working it out to become a more exciting one. Our gaming philosophies are: 1. Comedic elements within the game 2. Hand-drawn black and white art 3. Simplicity/Minimalist We believe that ‘games that take themselves too seriously’ belong primarily to those triple-A studios. Thus, giving us the opportunity to express our creativity in smaller scale games, packed to the brim with personality and nuanced ideas. Expect to hear a lot more from us and our crazy ideas!
What Are You Stupid
Prepare to get your knowledge tested by 15 wacky characters in a 1-on-1 quiz battle format; each with their own theme and unique personality. Brace yourself and do well - or get humiliated by them. More Information
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