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    Anne's game | Switzerland
    Artist and Indie games developer girl. I love making point and click games with cute design and fun enigmas. My games are in English and French.
    Tiny Story 1 adventure
    In one of the cutest, most unique and interesting point and click adventure games, you need to solve the Tiny Island puzzles. Simply choose your favorite hero among several ones and have fun. More Information
    Tiny Story 2 adventure
    You liked Tiny Story 1 adventure, you will love the second part of the saga the Tiny Story 2! More Information
    Cats in the box adventures
    Drive into a cute atmosphere and resolve puzzles in a fantastic adventure point and click game. Full of cats and fun puzzles to resolve! More Information
    Tiny Story 1 & 2 adventures bundle
    Drive into a cute atmosphere and resolve puzzles in two fantastic adventures point and click games. Full of fun and fun puzzles to resolve! More Information
    Celestwald adventure
    Drive into a cute atmosphere and solve puzzles in a fantasy adventure point and click game. Full of magic and fun puzzles to solve! More Information
    Mochi Plush kawaii
    Your kid will love to create and dress up a cute mochi plush. The game also includes several memory games full of funny mochi plushes and a catch game! Available for free on IOS and Android. More Information
    You are the hero who will save Fantasiant! Uh... in fact, the inhabitants of Fantasiant did not leave you the choice ... so do your best to solve this puzzling adventure! More Information
    Lili bedroom cute dress up game
    Lili's bedroom is a dress up game that your little princess kid will love! She will help Lili to dress up and to decorate her bedroom! The game works offline. More Information
    Tiny Story 3 adventure
    A fantastic and puzzling adventure awaits you! More Information
    Tiny Connect Animals
    Tiny Connect Animals is a nice and interesting puzzle game, you must solve and connect Funny Tiny Pets using a line. This game is also known as Connect the dots. More Information
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