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Live Cycling Manager
Live Cycling Manager is being developed by Xagu Studios, an independent game studio created in 2015, as a Startup of the ZITU company. We are a group of people creating and carrying out a dream. This dream has been thought, planned and designed for years in our heads, the dream that in 2015 began to take shape with the creation of Xagu and that has culminated this 2018. Dreams usually are perfect, therefore the development of this game has been so demanding and detailed. Let's play!
Live Cycling Manager
Live Cycling Manager, a game where each player creates a club and manages it completely: registration in races, cyclists, strategies, training, transfers and much more. The player becomes the Manager of a professional cycling team. Each player creates a new club and personalizes it to their liking. Hire any cyclists, coaches, psychologists, doctors, mechanics ... you want. Control finances and manage the club of your dreams. Each club will have to overcome the adversities during the season. More Information
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