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All the shine of a thousand spotlights, all the stars we steal from the nightsky, will never be enough.
Burning all the midnight oil on VR game 'People Cu3ed'
In the beginning - the world was flat. (or at least computer game screens were). We more than made do though. The years of 1980 through to 2015 had some of the most amazingly creative games production, story telling and adventure having that silicon chips and developers brain matter combined could bring you. We laughed, we competed, we lost and we cried. But there was something missing. There were only 2 dimensions. Virtual Reality fixes that - we can now can get right up in the face of the third dimension - and in some cases - beyond. Imagine being a lead cast member is the most emotional blockbuster action thriller hitting the big screen this year. Or piloting a spacecraft to explore places that no human could get to in their life time. Imagine a theme park full of impossibly thrilling rides, and imagine fighting for your most beloved characters lives, and having to look one in the eye and choose to save the other. These experiences are possible - right now. Whitway Studios is concentrating on making the best VR games that we possibly can, and growing our resources so that the next one is even better. Our vision is to make games that inspire you. We want to make you laugh so hard that you look for the virtual toilet, and cry to the point that you break the non-water damage clause of the warranty on your headset. We want to make you feel. So check us out - like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and take a look at our latest projects over at www.whitwaystudios.com. We are also really friendly - so send us a message, or five! We are usually all over the social medias - so get in touch however and whenever you feel. We really can’t wait to have you try our products, now and in future - so come along and join the ride we are gonna offer through all 3 dimensions! Whitway Studios: Games for all members of the third dimension!
People Cu3ed
Like VR? Love Humour? Want an experience where you are very much not a normal 'virtual' person? You need to try People Cu3ed! We've created a VR experience like no other! You'll find yourself transformed out of your normal human body, and embodying the leader of the 3rd dimensions entry into the '21,999th Inter-Dimensional Games'. Not heard of these? Well it has been a while since the 3rd dimension hosted them... Out now on Steam! More Information
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