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    VoxPop Games Inc. | Williamsburg Brooklyn NY
    Every Voice Matters
    VoxPop Games is a new and exciting peer to peer P2P game distribution amp development platform with a profit sharing business model. This company was designed to primarily benefit independent game developers Lets Players and Video Game Streaming personalities. Gamers have a voice and we hear them loud and clear!
    You are a cat who casts magic, eats candy, and flies on a broom. You must save Halloween, and the world, from an ancient evil in this vertical arcade shooter. What's not to love? More Information
    Cygnus Pizza Race
    Welcome to the greatest challenge in the Cygnus Galaxy: Getting a deliveration job with the Cygnus Pizza Federation. More Information
    Weaponeer VoxPop Games Edition
    WEAPONEER: VoxPop Games Edition More Information
    Ultimate Reality
    A figure known as THE DESTROYER OF REALITIES is out there looking for various artifacts in order to wipe out every universe in existence. More Information
    A kidnapped girl must use her wits and strength to escape a cult of demon worshipers. More Information
    Shield Shock
    Shield Shock is a 2D Platform Fighter Game all about blocking! Use your shield to block projectiles and release mighty attacks right back! This 4-Player Party Fighting Game will have you playing with friends to defeat the onslaught of Blockers or face off against each-other to see who comes out on top! More Information
    2075 THE REFUGEE The world is lost. More Information
    Guardians Of Lodino Forest
    This is "Guardians Of Lodino Forest" (G.O.L.F. for short) enhanced, an amazing need to play, experience, a hybrid sports adventure rhythm game about shooting an Armored series golf ball bosses (Guardians) into submission and then striking it for a hole in one. More Information
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