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Developing Sai Amp Mitch
Hi! TwinBlazar here. I am a hobbyist game designer. Video games have been my passion since I was a kid. I used to create games with pens and papers to play with pals, but today, things get a little different... ;) See Dimentia ( ) for my first game. Screenshots of this game are available at (Dec 2016) Currently working on Sai Amp Mitch.
Project Dimentia Bodhisattva
This is a free to play Brawler Metroidvania game with a playtime of 5 to 15 hours. A mysterious girl by the name of Nisha and her humanoid pets have attacked the Administrator Palace and stole the artifacts that could alter Samsara, the wheel of life. It is now up to you to stop them. You play as an Asura by the name of Aqua, who has the ability to multiply, breath fire with two heads and brawl her opponents to oblivion. More Information
Sai Amp Mitch
a modern 2D action sidescroller reminiscent of retro games featuring non-stop action with RPG elements and storytelling. More Information
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