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    True Barbarian Games is a small but passionate team developing wild new mobile games for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. Our savage spirits hunger for fast-paced, skill-based arcade action, and we're willing to bet that deep down inside you, there's an un-tamable soul that experiences those same cravings. The kinds of experiences we love to create may sometimes seem ridiculous and silly, but we make them hoping they will bring a smile and a hearty barbarian laugh to your ferocious side.
    Volcanic Defender
    Help Crazy Dragon defend his home! In this classic arcade-style defense game, the object is to shoot down incoming snowballs before they hit Crazy Dragon's volcano. As time passes by, the snowballs will come in greater numbers, and you may encounter more lethal variations of snowballs. You will need to collect energy to unleash special attacks that will help you survive longer. How long will you last? More Information
    Pelican Swoop
    Crazy Pelican has arrived! Pelican Swoop is a shark-bullet hell designed to test your skills in 6 intense levels of arcade-style aquatic madness. Take on the insane Orca King, the grotesque Kraken and more in epic boss battles as you fight your way through the minions of the dark sea god Poseidon. Earn points by collecting and eating flying fish, and use those points to unlock silly new skins for Crazy Pelican! Collect power-ups to smash your way through waves of sharks, pufferfish and mermai More Information
    Galaxy Bounty Hunters
    Dark Forces are spreading throughout the galaxy.... The galaxy is at war. Criminals are running rampant on planets all over the star system. As a bounty hunter, you earn your living hunting down the forces of darkness. It's a dangerous job, but the pay is good. More Information
    Adsteroid Avarice
    More Information
    Space Warrior Chirin
    More Information
    Galaxy Warrior Kajema
    More Information
    Mecha Shogun Space Defender
    More Information
    Space Barbarian Snow Runner
    More Information
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