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Technaturally Games
John Gillanders | Dunedin/Ōtepoti, Aotearoa New Zealand
Making joyful memories through games
Adding a Zen mode to the mobile game Colibrium, allowing players unlimited mindful colour-mixing play without challenges.

Technaturally Games

Technaturally Games exists to create original video games with a human element, drawing upon psychology to give players a unique experience and help them make joyful memories through games.

Technaturally Games is a division of Technaturally, a small independent technology and game development company based in Dunedin/Ōtepoti, Aotearoa New Zealand with a vision of enriching lives through technology.

John Gillanders (Director)

​John grew up with a passion and curiosity about computers, video games and how they work. His family were early adopters of computers, which fuelled his fascination with technology for decades to come.
"Fun, enjoyment, play and games are a part of who we are as human beings. Technology is a rich part of modern interactive play, with video games being a hugely popular and rapidly-growing industry. I have always wanted to create video games and share with others the same fascination and joy I have felt ever since I was a little boy, playing games with my family on our Commodore 64 back in the 1980s. Technaturally Games has grown out of that passion." - John Gillanders

In his personal life, he is a husband, father, deep thinker and is dedicated to making the world a better place. He is involved in various community-building activities and groups, such as:

Conscious and compassionate parenting, teaching his daughter to develop empathy, independence, interdependence and positive, authentic communication skills.

Activist for animals, people and our planet: living and promoting veganism as a powerful, easy way to collectively save lives (human & animal) through our food choices and to protect the world on which we all depend.

Dunedin TimeBank trustee - building community and recognising the value of everyone equally through an alternative economy, one step towards a circular economy.

Co-ordinator and leader at Dunedin Laughter Yoga - the local Laughter Yoga club providing laughter to the community on a regular basis. Laughter Yoga's worldwide vision is "World Peace Through Laughter." Living gently on this Earth through waste and harm minimisation, and learning environmental stewardship.

John also works full-time doing technology work for a local social services non-profit organisation that provides support for families in need, mainly focused on parenting support.

Colibrium: Zen Colour Matching
Lose yourself in the simple art of blending and matching colours. With original colour-mixing gameplay and multi-touch controls, Colibrium blends mindfulness and gaming into a delightful, unique experience which brings your mind into a state of flow: relaxing, engaging and fun. More Information
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