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So many ideas, so little time...
Porting my games to iOS
A self-taught solo developer. I plan on completing a few smaller projects before I move on so some of my bigger ideas. My first four games are Road To Rage, Puzzled Knight, Buddy Breakout, and Block Wars. I hope you enjoy them :)
Road To Rage
Road To Rage is a casual arcade shooter. The game is easy to pick up, but gets quite difficult in the later stages, especially if you lose your power-ups More Information
Puzzled Knight
Match tiles to attack your opponents or defend against their attacks. Earn gold to buy special moves to help you defeat your enemies. Play one of 3 game modes, Arcade, Classic, and Tournament. Each opponent has their own strengths and weaknesses. Earn experience points to level up your character. Increase your stats to even the odds! More Information
Buddy Breakout
Monsters have captured your buddies! Can you free them all? More Information
Block Wars
Shoot your way through an onslaught of blocks and enemy ships. Blocks that get past you will stack, making the play area smaller. Use power-ups to destroy stacked blocks. Enemy ships get more difficult as the game progresses. Follow enemy patterns to anticipate their attacks. How far can you get? More Information
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