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    Day of Destruction
    Robert Madsen | Grand Junction, CO
    Up Your Game (TM)
    Day of Destruction
    SynaptixGames is a contract software development firm founded in Colorado in 2010. SynaptixGames focuses on games, simulation, visualization, and virtual reality. We have experience developing on mobile, desktop, and web platforms. SynaptixGames is an authorized developer for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. We have developed virtual reality projects for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, OSVR, Google Cardboard, and Microsoft HoloLens. We have plans for projects for the Google DayDream, PlayStation VR, Google Pixel, and upcoming line of Microsoft VR headsets. 

    SynaptixGames has created games in almost every genre including massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, platformers, match-three, hidden objects, time-management, endless runners, simulations, survival, construction, strategy, adventure, puzzle, and first-person shooters. We have created 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality titles. We have used a variety of commercial and proprietary game engines including Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, Marmalade, Torque, Game Maker, XNA, Dark Basic, Lumberyard, Flash, HeroEngine, and Game Salad. SynaptixGames uses Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Services for our primary development platform. However, we also use XCode and Android Studio when required.

    SynaptixGames has developed over twenty titles that are available via the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Steam, and Oculus store. We have created games to entertain, train, and motivate. We are leaders in Gamification, Educational Games, Serious Games and Games for Change. We have created professional simulations used in the scientific, financial, and sports sectors. We have created visualizations used by the information technology and geographical information systems industries. We are driven by technology, passionate about quality, and absolutely dedicated to delivering software on the cutting edge to solve, entertain, and inspire.

    Finally, SynaptixGames is dedicated to the community. We volunteer at the John McConnell Math and Science Center and Mars Desert Research Station. We are members of the Mars Society and Planetary Society promoting the future of space exploration. We are involved with Computer Science department at Colorado Mesa University, serving as judges for the annual Student Showcase. We are actively involved in the tech and startup community, providing leadership and direction for co-working, gigabyte Internet, and other essential initiatives. We regularly speak to elementary, high-school, and college students. We support the robotics and maker community. We raise money children in need by taking part in Extra Life and Child’s Play events. We participate in the Game Education, Serious Games, Game Accessibility, LGBTQ+, Serious Games, and Women in games special interest groups of the IGDA. We contributed to the Quality of Life, Credit Standards, Employment Contract Fairness, Internet Freedom and Privacy, Sexism, Discrimination, and Diversity advocacy groups for the IGDA. We strive to be positive role models to students and our business and professional colleagues.
    Day of Destruction
    Destroy cities and conquer planets from the comfort of your alien mothership. More Information
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