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    Similo | Montreal
    To play or not to play, that is the question.
    Similo, the puzzle game
    We are two independent game developers of Montreal, Canada. Nicolas Beaudette who have more than 15 years of experience in video games, he worked at Ubisoft and Warner on projects such as Myst, Cartoon Universe and Splinter Cell and Karl Dupéré-Richer illustrator since 17 years having worked for clients such Hydro-Québec, Loto-Québec and ARTV.
    Similo is easy to master. Simply connect shapes to make lines. You can play at your own pace, without being stressed by a countdown. Gravity is used to move the pieces, creating a different experience of games using a grid. The progression of the game takes place on a calendar that unlocks a new level every day. So you can jump over the levels you will consider too difficult, you will never remain stuck. Several levels contain references to historical figures or events, always related to cale More Information
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