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    SIA Fufla's Links
    Bacterial Takeover website
    Puzzly Words on FaceBook
    SIA Fufla
    SIA Fufla | Latvia
    Working on Puzzly Words and Bacterial Takeover
    Indie mobile game developer from Latvia
    Bacterial Takeover
    Bacterial Takeover is an incremental game for Android and iOS devices. Play as a mad scientist who is bent on destroying the Universe with infectious bacteria! More Information
    Puzzly Words
    Puzzly Words is an exciting and addictive, real time, multiplayer word game. Gameplay: each user is given the same 16 random letters where each letter has some value assigned. In 60 seconds you need to come up with maximum 3 words, which gives you as many points as possible. It is up to you what strategy you choose to win a battle. The one with the highest word score wins. More Information
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