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    Heleor (Rose-Tinted Games) | Seattle WA USA
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    Working on Genfanad
    RoseTinted Games is an upcoming indie studio looking to recreate the feelings of nostalgia and exploration of our childhood favourites. Founded as a passion project by Seattlebased developer Heleor its inaugural title Genfanad is due to release someday. But there039s no rush!
    Genfanad is a nostalgic browser-based MMORPG that draws inspiration from the greats of the early 2000’s. Create your character and embark in a vast, open fantasy world full of quests, resources to gather and enemies to fight. The world of Genfanad throws traditional RPG tropes on their head - banter with demon stockbrokers, parlay with eloquent undead and, of course, slay lowly chickens. More Information
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