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"Bears were invented for one reason. Total annihilation of the human race."
We are working on the VR game Embiggen. A fantastical puzzler that will take you places you've never dreamed.

Rival Dust

Hey! We're Rival Dust! We are an experimental video game studio obsessed with creating compelling content. We formed Rival Dust to create vibrant games that have a kinetic feel, hyper-stylized visuals, and enthralling gameplay. We achieve this by letting go of ego and listening to the person who matters most: the player.

Our most recent game, ZLiRP is a eat-em-up collectem game against 6 other players. If you have time to kill, kill these gems to become no. 1!!

Fly though space to mine the most gems. Ultra quick game play for on the fly nonsense. Play with people around the US. More Information
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