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    Rebel Camp Games
    Rebel Camp Games | Geel, Belgium
    Creator of Action RPG "Emberheart" and Survival Archery game "Forests of Augusta"
    Developing Action RPG "Emberheart" and Survival Archery game "Forests of Augusta"
    Rebel Camp Games was founded on 1st april 2018. We are working on multiple projects including: - Emberheart: Topdown Hack 'n' Slash Action RPG - Forests of Augusta: Survival Hunting / Archery Game - Released on Steam
    Emberheart is a top down ARPG Hack and Slash in the likes of Diablo, Torchlight, Grim Dawn! It’s an indie title that focusses on new and exciting gameplay systems and unique end game gameplay while also going back to the roots of iconic games like Diablo 2 for inspiration. The game is being made by a solo developer who has played and developed ARPG games for a decade! More Information
    Forests of Augusta
    Forests of Augusta takes place in the forest where you will need to build a camp and hunt wild animals to survive. You will accumulate score points for a set amount of game time, and after the game time is finished your score will compete for the leaderboards. More Information
    Oceans Dark Curse of Mithra
    A Pirate themed Action RPG that combines third person camera with typical gameplay from topdown hack and slash games. More Information
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