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    J_C | Hungary
    Start small, start simple, and build up from there.
    Working on Exile Squadron a space shoot 'em up.
    One Bit Studio is my name as one man solo developer, doing game development in my spare time. My first work was a simple point and click adventure game made in RPG Maker, called A Long Road Home, now I'm working on a space shoot 'em up, in a new engine. Free from shiny object syndrome I aim to finish my projects.
    A Long Road Home
    Do you want to experience the greatness of the classic point and click adventure games? Where your wit is challenged with countless puzzles, and you can lose yourself in a wonderful story? If yes, please embark on a journey with us, help our hero find his loved ones, and defeat a merciless tyrant who threatens the world. More Information
    Exile Squadron
    In this sidescrolling shoot ‘em up, you are the top pilot of the Exile Squadron. Using a variety of weapons, you will have to stop the forces of the Colonies, who are hell-bent on destroying Earth. Upgrade your equipment, survive action-packed levels, and climb to the top of the online leaderboards. More Information
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