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J_C | Hungary
Start small, start simple, and build up from there.
Working on Project Strike a space shoot 'em up.
One Bit Studio is the name of a one man sole developer, who is doing game development in his spare time. His first work was a simple point and click adventure game made in RPG Maker, called A Long Road Home, now he is working on a space shoot 'em up, in a new engine. Free from shiny object syndrome, One Bit Studio aims to finish his projects.
A Long Road Home
You wake up in a room, and the first thing you see is the face of a bearded man and a young lady. What happened to you? Where are you? Where are your mother and sister? You don't know, but you will do anything to get back to them. You won't let anybody or anything to stop you. No traps, no monsters, no secret riddles, no unforgotten gods, no hidden catacombs, no alien civilizations, no unclimbable mountains, nothing. But believe me, you will face these, and you have to survive the trials. More Information

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