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Nathan Meier | Santa Cruz Mountains, California
"GROOVY!!!" - Earthworm Jim
Android Games
I've been a hardcore console gamer my whole life, and I've been coding for about half that. I've made games for different platforms, but at the moment I'm focusing on android mobile. I also play music on the side with friends that is occasionally used for my game projects.
Fart Man
I just released an update to my android game, Fart Man. An Endless 2D Flyer where you Fart to stay in air. Dodge and Punch Birds, Planes and Blimps. And Watch out for the instant kill Grim Reapers. Collect coins to unlock new power ups, starting lives and extra stamina in the gift shop. Costumes have also been added to the game, and new ones will be added soon. More Information
Stormy Helix
Jump up the helix tower to survive storm. More Information
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