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    Miracle Tea
    Ruya | United Kingdom
    Making heartfelt games since 2016
    Miracle Tea was founded in 2016 by Tom Andrews and Bradley Smith. After collaborating on freelance projects together, they teamed up to fully develop ‘Shape the Mix’, a prototype game Tom Andrews had created. Soon after that, they began re-imagining the typical casual game by designing something that had more heartfelt and meaningful qualities. The game later became known as ‘Ruya’.
    Ruya is a calming puzzle game. There are 64 handcrafted puzzles presented within 8 floaty worlds each with their own dreamy soundtrack. On the surface, Ruya looks like your typical match game, but its much more than that. It comes from a deeply personal place and pulls from spiritual teachers like Ram Dass, Alan Watts. The diegesis in Ruya explores themes of parenthood, single mothers, the loss of ego and sleep. With all this in mind, we very much wanted to re-imagine the match puzzle genre. More Information
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