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    Marvelous Spiral Studios
    Stephen Weese | Asheville NC
    Pro level voiceover including casting directing and post delivered at lower cost.
    Producing Voice Over
    Marvelous Spiral Studios started its journey in Los Angeles. The voice production for SEGAs Citizens of Space won rave reviews yet CEO Stephen Weeses dreams led him to North Carolina where MSTI became Marvelous Spiral Studios. Taking all of his voice over experience with him he has established MSS to continue to provide the same services at the same quality level as before with fresh new talent and industry smashing lower rates.
    Letters From the Moon
    In this sci-fi pick your own story game, you must help astronaut Dorothy Chen survive in a vast underground alien city beneath the moon's surface. She faces insane robots, mutant canines, starvation, and insanity inside the city of the Anthria. Whether she survives is up to YOU. More Information
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