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    Khitty | Houston, Texas
    I am a noob.
    Still trying to make games
    Texas A&M University; College Station, TX c/0 2012 Bachelors of Science in Computer Science A-Whoop! I currently work for a small software company in Texas maintaining our proprietary ERP software. But developing mobile apps is my dream.
    Final Defense Force
    This is my first published game! Super excited to have something tangible to show off skills. This is an easy-to-play single button control casual game. Protect the target at all cost. It only takes one tap. But the hordes continue to grow. Do not let them wear you down, you must prevail. The more you defeat, the stronger you grow. Unlock power-ups to help the defense. You are the Final Defense Force! You are the final line of the defense. Make it count! More Information
    Goddess of Water
    Runner like game for Tortle Game Jam 2019. First functional game made with my friends. Maybe we'll finish it one day. Click the lanes to move into them and dodge the rocks. Getting ready to click Goddess the turtle really fast when you see a log. Clear 3 logs to see the end! More Information
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