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    Illuminator | Earth
    Die Luft der Freiheit weht
    I am a 16 year old student who used to love playing games until one day the crazy idea of creating a game himself came to his mind. I want to develop really fascinating games in my life so to spread happiness which I hold the dearest. Now I am studying unity3D and I will publish my first indie game(really small) next year. My learning progress as well as the development of my future game will be recorded in my Twitter and instagram. Find me there. Twitter: twitter.com/Illumination_C Instagram: instagram.com/illuminat_or/
    Stealth: the most difficult game
    This is my first game and it is a small project. One thing interesting about this game is that it's extremely difficult but I designed some bugs for you to use. Don't be upset if you can't pass, I have to try several times to pass even the second level! If you are interested in the development of this game and my further study of game developing please follow me on Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/illuminat_or/)/@illuminat_or. My content will never let you down! More Information
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