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    Blooming Business Casino | France
    You run the casino you handle the drama.
    Making our first tycoon game with a drama and animal twist Blooming Busines Casino
    Blooming Business Casino is a tycoon game with an animal and drama twist where you experience what it takes to be a casino manager. You will build and run your own casino from the ground up. That means designing the game areas adding decorations defining the commercial strategy and even setting the games and rules to make sure to maximize the profits. Despite the cute appearance you will have to navigate a complex network allegiances and reputation management whilst keeping satisfaction levels high amongst staff and customers. Beware our cute animals are anything but cuddly. Manage your staff attract new guests and take care of the charming and dangerous VIPs. Its our first game and we have been working on it for over a year and a half now. We have been lucky enough to showcase it during this year Guerrilla Collective event but still working on boosting its visibility!! We will add an updated demo soon on Steam and would be happy to gather your thoughts on this!
    Blooming Business Casino
    Build and run your own snazzy retro casino. An exciting joint full of drama, danger and crazy cute animals. Manage your staff, guests, and unique VIPs so everyone is happy and the cash keeps flowing. How will you make sure the house always wins? More Information
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