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    Greyborn Studios | Boston, MA
    "Retro Re-Imagined"
    Luna and the Moonling - a puzzle adventure game out now on Steam.
    Greyborn Studios was founded and staffed in 2016 by veteran game developers with decades of game development experience. Many of our team has helped bring to market numerous award-winning games spanning many popular genres and released on most major platforms. Games are our passion and lives! Our mission is to bring you the most fun and impressive gaming experiences possible through the melding of proven gameplay from history’s most entertaining video game genres with the latest innovations in technology, visuals, and more. This philosophy can be seen in our very first adventure puzzle game, Luna and the Moonling.
    Luna and the Moonling
    A unique spin on classic adventure gameplay! Luna and the Moonling stars two unlikely friends that must work together to solve a mystery and save their kingdom. Inspired by some of the greatest adventure puzzle classics, Luna and the Moonling will challenge you for hours! More Information
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