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    Ghost Creative Studio is a game developer studio from Argentina who loves make games. We are a dedicated team seeking to develop interesting and fun games for multiple platforms. We use a wide variety of technologies that lead us to experiment and explore new forms of development. We hope you have fun playing our games just as we have fun creating them.
    Always Green
    Burn your thumbs with Always Green a fast paced tapping game! You only have one goal...you must always, always touch the green key, respond quickly to changes, if you touch the wrong one, the game is over, if you are very slow the game is over... More Information
    Get to da Chopaaa!
    Get to da Chopaaa! is a party game for 2 to 4 players. Each player will drive a combat helicopter and face their opponents when they die, they will have a second chance to continue on the battlefield. More Information
    Pro Air Hockey
    Fun and easy to play, hard to master. It will help you improve your focusing skills! Be the best pro player of this sports game! More Information
    Zero Reaction
    You have to survive avoiding obstacles and collecting points... easy... right? More Information
    Cannons Warfare classic
    Cannons Warfare is a fun game of precision and a lot of skill, in which you are put under the command of tanks in games in which the aim and your strategy will take you to the victory. More Information
    Round Hyper casual Platformer
    Bounce the ball and avoid touching the spikes with an intuitive gameplay. How far will you go? What will your best score be? More Information
    PunchBots Pocket Edition
    Fighting game with a different twist, learn when to jump and when to attack, dominate your opponents with your strategy and agility in this robot fighting game. Five maps to fight, eight colors to customize your fighter. All this added to a versus mode against AI and versus mode by default against another person on the same device. More Information
    Slap A Boss
    You wake up one morning and there is no time to explain... but you have the need to slap a boss... slap your way through and get to the boss! A 5 minute experience slapping everyone! More Information
    Road Mayhem
    Protect the little ones with everything you have ... be faster or grow to lead the way! Always pay attention you are invincible but who you protect not. More Information
    Just Move and Park
    The premise is simple as the title says, learn to drive control your vehicle go around the city and find the point to park. Avoid pedestrians and run out of fuel to avoid losing the game. Play and enjoy. More Information
    Toxic Tower
    How high can you go before the tower defeats you? More Information
    Beacon of Neyda
    In a world where a robot revolution failed, the last humans search for a way to survive and escape. Beacon of Neyda is a side-scroller strategy game where you have to survive waves of enemies while creating and upgrading your base. Build where you want - Defend what you can. More Information
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