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    FunnerSoft | Spokane WA
    Making games that I love and believe in
    Getting ready to ship my first indie game, PlanTechtor!
    Hi, my name is Lester Bloom, and for about 15 years my day job was a gameplay programmer working on AAA games. I love making games. Period. But, I also have all these game ideas filling up my head. FunnerSoft is my outlet for exploring those ideas. Or at least it started that way. I had always been working on one side project or another during my career. I would spend my Saturdays working on different games or game engines. Then I was working Sundays, too. Then I was working a couples hours after work. That went on for about 10 years or so. Eventually I was able to take the next step. After a lot of soul searching, we decided to sell our house in Seattle, move to a cheaper and smaller city, and use the capital to make FunnerSoft a reality. That happened in mid 2018. I am now able to work on FunnerSoft full time. My first game is PlanTechtor. It will be released Feb 27th 2019, and I can’t wait to share it with you.
    Design endless weapon loadouts. Create a plan to exploit the level. Then put it to the test against an invading army of alien-robot invaders. Intense VR action meets deep strategic planning in PlanTechtor! More Information
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