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    Ethan The Explorer | London, UK
    Fight Goblins, Fire the Turtle Gun, Collect Map pieces, eat Hula Hoops.
    The Game of the name...
    A platform game made by an 8 year old and his Dad.

    Ethan thinks on his feet... As you will see in our video in the link below, he's always coming up with really funny ideas; like the Sellotape Guy; he made this up while we were recording!

    Me and my kids are always dreaming up fun stuff and hatching great ideas; we thought it was about time to do something but this time with DEADLINES!!! So we are making this game have launched a Kickstarter Project to make sure we actually have a reason to finish something!

    Launching October 2018

    Lets see if we can turn a little boy into a game developer!
    Ethan The Explorer: The Game
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